Welcome to Written on Air

This is a notebook on the craft of writing. I am aware that the vast majority of blogs post short comments, updated quite often, and usually around one concern or theme. This blog is a bit different.

For starters, the entries will be updated every other week, and they will usually be longer, and, even though I will try to keep in tune with the world, the posts will focus only on four main topics:

  • Blog will gather general ideas on the craft of writing,
  • Film & Literature will include posts on novels which have been adapted to the big screen,
  • Books will be short discussions on books I like and from which I have learned, and
  • Workshop will cover the most technical matters, such as voice, character construction, and so forth.

Like all human projects, this blog is, and will always be, a work in progress. I will appreciate and be thankful to all constructive criticism.

Keep tuned, and keep reading and writing.

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